Kitchen Cabinet Makeovers 
Made EASY!

No Sanding. No Waxing. No Kidding. Transform your kitchen from dull to DAZZLING in a weekend and save THOUSANDS in remodeling costs.


How it works:


Apply a Basecoat to your project and let dry completely.

Drizzle & Baby Wipe

Drizzle your cabinet with the half-pint provided & immediately wipe with a baby wipe to get the distressed effect instantly.

Clear Coat & Hang

Our Non-Toxic substitute for Polyurethane leaves a smooth a-DUR-able finish that stands up to the rigors of your kitchen.


Cooler grey tones achieved with a light base coat of Greystone, followed by a drizzle of Graphite and Clear Coat - a non-toxic substitute for Polyurethane.

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Statehouse White

A warm Antique White drizzled with Cocoa Cafe followed by our Clear Coat, a non-toxic substitute for Polyurethane.

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"Perfect for Beginners & Pros!"

I would recommend (The ProPacks) to anyone who has been thinking about painting cabinets & may be nervous. This is the perfect medium for you!     - 
Melissa Scola-Staude, Owner, "Melissa's Perfect Piece"

"Sold the house!"

I couldn't believe 1 ProPack covered 22 doors in my kitchen! Easy to do, easy to clean - love it! We put the house on the market and it sold thanks to the new kitchen

Teresa - ProPack Greystone Fan

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The Problem

Is Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets REALLY Worth It?
How about trying to pin down a contractor to do it? SHEESH! Unless you have 2-3 months to wait, forgetaboutit.
Not to mention the mess of demolition, the unexpected 'oh nos,' and dealing with cooking for your family without a kitchen
for who KNOWS how long?


Have you gotten excited about replacing your kitchen cabinets only 
to be reeling from the sticker shock of new cabinets? (New cabinets cost $5k-$30k - YIKES!) For under $100, one ProPack can do anywhere from 10-15 doors. 


Ripping out cabinets usually unearths other unforeseen problems - determining the carrying walls, floor issues., not to mention the availability of a contractor! Why hassle with the unknowns when you can transform your existing cabinets usually in a WEEKEND?


Have you ever endured the high toxic odors from enamel paints? Yeah, they give great coverage, but what are they doing to you and your family's health? Vermont Chalky Paint is made with non-toxic PolyWhey technology - a by-product of CHEESE!


Contractors can be tied up for months - can you live without your kitchen that long? Why not try a ProPack and see how EASY it is to transform your old kitchen cabinets? Many times it can be done in a weekend.


The Solution? ProPacks from 
Vt Chalky Paint

Not Only Kitchens - Painted Furniture Before/After

The desk was transformed using Statehouse White and decorative napkins decoupaged using the Clear Coat that comes with each ProPack. 

The vanity used Greystone, then the Graphite drizzle and decorative napkins decoupaged using the non-toxic Clear Coat formula - a non-toxic substitute for polyurethane.





Health is the most precious

While everyone likes to have beautiful painted furniture, what good is all of that when painting robs you of your health? Vermont Chalky Paint takes great pride in providing a totally non-toxic, low VOC experience for our customers.


Stuck? Need Help?

Have an idea, yet you don't know how to start? No worries - reach out to us, send a picture of your project and we'll be happy to answer any of your questions.


Do-It Yourself Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

Base coat, drizzle, wipe and clear coat - yes it's THAT easy! Our non-toxic decorative paint and clear coat help you transform your kitchen cabinets from dull to DAZZLING!

Still not sure?

Want to completely transform your kitchen for under $100 per ProPack kit instead of thousands?

Want it fast and not be at the mercy of a contractor?

Our No-Freak-Out 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee: 

Want to KNOW that you'll absolutely LOVE the results or your money back? Yeah, we've got your back! Buy your ProPack and we'll give you 30 days. If you don't love it, for whatever reason, send back the unused portion and get your money back - no questions asked! That's how confident we are that you'll LOVE the beauty, the finish and the fun that comes with each ProPack Cabinet Makeover kit.

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